Fostering excellence at this International School Thailand

  • Posted on: 13 July 2017
  • By: kentshouseadmin

The American School of Bangkok, an international school Thailand does a superb job in fostering academic excellence at school. Diversity is celebrated as well as mutual respect between the students and the adults. If that school environment sounds appealing enough for your son or daughter to be a part of for their student years, enrol them for next year. What is offered is a strong and solid foundation; to learn lifelong values and skills that will turn them into responsible adults and leaders across any worldwide environment or community.

If you want a good academic education for your child, the American School of Bangkok is in that business – providing children with necessary and attractive skills which prestige universities and businesses will snap up, seeing the potential. This is because students from ASB are taught individuality, leadership, independence, creativity, innovation and so much more. The motto of the school is “building leadership”, and that is what is instilled into the child from the early years, making them such vital contributors to Life.

Important lessons learned for life

It makes sense that as a parent, you want your child to attend such a well-known and sought after school and there are some important lessons that are encouraged at ASB. These are:

1.    Those students should excel in all areas; i.e. sports, creativity and the performing arts; not just academically
2.    Students should appreciate and understand other people’s different lifestyle, beliefs and cultures
3.    Students should understand and develop a commitment to international harmony.

The most difficult decision that parents have to decide on is which out of the two campuses should their child attend. Both offer the same optimal learning opportunities. They are just situated at different locations. The one campus is located at Sukhumvit, Watthana District whilst the other is in the Bang Phli District of the Samut Prakan Province. Both of the campuses offer education from a nursery program for little ones right through to the high school program. However, the Green Valley campus is home to the famed Golf Academy starting for students from as young as 5 years. 

Enrol your child soon at The American School of Bangkok and provide hope for the future with ASB leaders.