The Great Guarantee of Company Registration in Thailand

  • Posted on: 14 June 2017
  • By: kentshouseadmin

We have unlimited reasons to start a business in the wonderful country of Thailand. Many investors have discovered the advantages and we also would like to share these discoveries with you not just to encourage you to pursue your plan, but to support you as well with your aspiration to be a part of the growing business teams of Thailand.

Digging deeply on the hidden treasures of Thailand, it is not only rich in natural resources and travel destinations, but it extremely contributes to the development of the worldwide economy. The well-defined investment policies for company registration in Thailand focused on the liberalization of businesses.

It strongly promotes the free trade all throughout the country as well as with the other countries. Foreign investors, including those who have a great contribution in the skills development, innovation, and technology are highly supported and promoted by its government.

It has a consistent reputation for being a valuable investment location in the world. As an undeniable evidence, Thailand ranked as the “8th Most Attractive Host Economy” in the world last 2014 until 2016 as declared by The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development.

Lucky for the investors to choose Thailand in building their company because the Thailand Board of Investment guaranteed them to offer various tax incentives and duty exemptions for the importation industry. As their promotion privileges, they will not be susceptible to manufacturing sector equity restrictions.

The country is confident not to ask investors to settle local content and export requirements because the country’s investment regime has fully complied with the WTO regulations. It is then possible for the foreign members of BOI to promote the company registration in Thailand through obtaining work permit easily and apply for long-term visas as fast as three hours.

As a full guarantee, people who would like to start their business will receive an essential support they need offering a whole host of their valuable services. This is to show that investors are given the opportunities to expand their businesses and benefit from the useful and wide range of policies in Thailand.

As the nation is experiencing an economic development through the undying support from the emerging industries, the industrial production has diversified extensively. Both international and national chambers of commerce extend their essential support to foreign investors and newly built companies in the country.

As a good news to people who are planning to establish their business in Thailand, several projects they founded will be granted an income tax exemption without undergoing the corporate income tax exemption cap. Some of the projects include the following:

  • Biotechnology
  • Calibration services
  • Electronic design
  • Aircraft parts
  • Creative product design
  • Forest plantations
  • Cloud services
  • Engineering design
  • Production of electricity
  • Research and development
  • Vocational training centers
  • Manufacture of engines
  • And many other structures of industries

Currently, Thailand and foreign countries are foreseeing the country to be a leader in the corporate governance enhancing their accountability in many ways as they gain the trust of international and giant businesses.

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