How to Open a Thai limited Company

  • Posted on: 10 October 2019
  • By: kentshouseadmin

If you are planning to open a new business in Thailand, you must have done some research on the market over there. Actually, pre-analysis helps us to make wise and informed decisions about everything.

One of the most common options for opening a new business in this country is to set up a Thai Limited Company. It is the simplest type of business structures that can be formed with ease by beginners or foreigner investors as well. Once your company registration in Thailand is completed, it is time to make efforts towards internal growth of the business. Below we have highlighted a few details about Thai Limited Company:

What is Thai Limited company?

In general terms, Thai limited companies are the most commonly known as registered companies in the country. They need small efforts from the new age business owners and can ensure long term returns with ease. Note that, such type of companies is formed when the capital is divided into some equal shares. The liability of each share is up to shareholder, but the great news is that he is not responsible for the shares that are unpaid but held by him.

Benefits of setting up a Thai Limited Company:

There are several amazing benefits of setting up a Thai company; few of them are listed below:

Reliable choice:

The very first benefit in the list is reliability. When you register a Thai limited company, the investors, as well as the third-party service providers, need to have a clear picture of the business model in their mind. Government poses very less or negligible restrictions on Thai limited company; hence, anyone can work on this project with ease. While registering such companies, some third parties make verification for the financial state, corporate profile, number and names of directors and shareholders as well. It may also include a list about investors and banks that are investing money in your project.


The Thai limited companies are believed to be a highly secure option in the business community. The company keeps on working in the market until all the operators or owner stop working for the same. Such companies cannot be dissolved with ease; rather, they ensure great returns with long-term business. The management tasks for such companies are usually executed by directors and can be assigned to the shareholder as well.

Set up Thai Limited company:

In order to set up a Thai limited company in the Thai market; you must go through the tips and techniques below:

  • Frist most task in this list is to choose a suitable name for your niche. It must be unique, memorable, and must have a strong connection to your brand. You may need to talk to the Department of Business Development for reserving your unique business name.
  • Next task is to prepare a memorandum of association that includes details about business objectives, name of promoters, and capital information for the business.

After this, you can organize the statutory meeting and then apply for company registration in Thailand. It takes a few days to complete the document.

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