Reasons to Enrol Your Children in Thai International Schools

  • Posted on: 17 December 2020
  • By: kentshouseadmin

Recently, more parents have been taking their kids to an international school. While there are many reasons behind this trend, the foremost one is the disparity in quality and education between traditional and international schools. The latter has better infrastructure, innovative programs, and expert instructors.

According to Kent's House, here are the reasons why you need to enrol your kid in Thai international schools.

Seamless Transition

Unlike traditional learning institutions, Thai international schools use a curriculum that is recognized globally. This has two advantages - first, your kid will have a smooth transition if you move to another country that uses such a system. Second, they won't have to do a compatibility test when they want to join a foreign university.


More people are enrolling their kids in Thai international schools because of their affordability. Despite offering the same facilities you would find in a school in a first-world country, these institutions charge lower fees. Moreover, the cost of living in Thailand is lower than in western countries, which further reduces your overall expenses.

Holistic Development

A significant shortcoming of traditional schools is an overemphasis on academics. Instead of following this one-pronged approach, international schools focus on holistic development. Their teaching curriculum includes crucial life skills that appeal to potential employers, such as assertiveness, critical thinking, teamwork, etc. Once your kid graduates, they are likely to land a job faster because of these soft skills.

Experiential Learning

Another unique quality of international schools is teaching using experiential learning. This is an approach that encourages students to apply what they read in class practically. As a result, learning becomes more effective.

Futuristic Education

Authority figures in the education sector believe that the sector's future is in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Thai international schools have already a step forward by adding these areas to their curricula. This is a smart way of guaranteeing employment after school.


If you are yet to choose where to educate your child, consider enrolling them in Thai international schools. These institutions guarantee quality education, develop holistic characters and more importantly, prepare your kid for life after school. 

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