The Three Important School Level Programmes Offered By International school in Bangkok

  • Posted on: 18 September 2017
  • By: kentshouseadmin

Are you in Bangkok and you are hoping to have your child enrolled in a reliable institution that offers the three key educational pillars? Do not get worried! international schools Bangkok offers quality sets of courses at the primary school level, the secondary school level, and the diploma school level. Here is an overview of what you should expect at the levels.

The Primary School level

Primary level of international schools in Bangkok is well organized, perfectly designed, student friendly, and fully resourced to perk up the Primary Years Programme. It is perfect for 3 to 11 years old learners. This early childhood center is situated on the ground floor, thus it provides a lot of natural elements for the kids to explore. This includes sand and water play. This international schools Thailand also enables the kids to be innovative in role play stations and building.

The primary school building is made with a large colorful library, a small gymnasium, a multi-purpose room, a drama room, spaces for group learning, a computer lab, iPods and chromebooks. The library is designed with an array of reading and multimedia materials in English and other several languages.

As from 2016, most of the PYP buildings were refurbished with up-to-date learning spaces that are made with ample light, are made with acoustics kept in mind and offer proper learning environments with 21st century learning aspects also considered.

The Secondary & Diploma School Levels

The secondary level of international schools in Thailand is perfect for 12 to 16 years learners while the Diploma school level is ideal for 16 to 18 year students. At International School secondary level learners benefit from the dedicated building, where they enjoy well-resourced facilities that perk up instruction of both the IB Diploma and Middle Years Programmes. Facilities at this level include an art suite, language suites, a Diploma study centre, IB Diploma lounge, study areas, a media center, a library, fully furnished classrooms, and a design & IT lab. Other sorts of lab facilities offered include the physics, chemistry, biology, and Mac lab.

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