What is Mindfulness Meditation?

  • Posted on: 8 July 2019
  • By: kentshouseadmin

Mindfulness meditation is a mental exercise that involves concentrating your mind on your experiences in the present moment. It can include breathing practice, mental imagery, body and mental awareness, and relaxation of the body and muscles. 

How to do it

Practicing mindfulness meditation depends on the individual – some people do it for up to ten minutes, while others do it for shorter periods. Regardless of your choice, you are guaranteed positive results, especially if you do it regularly.

Here are a few steps to get you started on mindful meditation.

1.    Identify a quiet and comfortable place. Sit on a chair or on the floor in an upright posture.

2.    Try to ignore wandering thoughts about previous and forthcoming events, and solely focus on the present.

3.    Be aware of your breath – focus on the sensation of air moving through your body as you breathe. Take note of how every breathes changes.  

4.    When different thoughts such as fear, anxiety, and worry cross your mind, just note them and remain calm.

5.    If you get carried away in your thoughts, don’t get hard on yourself – try to shift the focus on breathing. 

6.    Sit out the remainder of the session as you become aware of where you are.

Besides meditation, you can also incorporate mindfulness by observing the following practices.

Doing the dishes

Washing the dishes offers a perfect combination of alone time and physical activity, which are great if you want to try out mindfulness. 

Brushing your teeth

Brushing teeth is a daily routine – and also a great time to practice mindfulness. As you brush, feel your feet on the floor, as well as the movements of your hand.


When driving, most people usually experience random thoughts such as what to do when they get home, what to eat, next day’s plans, and so forth. To practice mindfulness, play soothing music on your car radio or turn it off altogether. If your thoughts wander, bring back your focus on the car and where you are.


You can turn your fitness endeavors into mindfulness training by increasing your focus. The best way to do this is by switching off any distractions such as phones, TV, and loud music.

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