Why Choose a Future-Oriented International School For Your Kid

  • Posted on: 18 December 2019
  • By: kentshouseadmin

With the number of parents opting for international education surging across the world, focus is now shifting towards which among them is the greatest. International schools have already revolutionized the way educating a 21st-century kid ought to be done. They have exposed the flaws of local schools and why a modern-day pupil shouldn’t be taught with the same-old curriculum. 

But given that these institutions don’t have similar features, it gets somewhat hard to distinguish a future-oriented one worth enrolling one’s kid in. Ideally, the main determinant should be how tech-equipped a school is, including having the right systems, a curriculum and well-trained teachers in place. 

High Institutions Being Future-Ready

Schools and universities have been called upon to support their students in embracing technology and some are already there. This, according to pundits and education watchdogs, is in line with the changing times and the core spot technology holds in the future. And some of these institutions already have innovative learning techniques in place, all for the good of the pupils. 

Yet, for parents, choosing a top-ranked international school shouldn’t be enough. The school chosen should be a perfect place for tech-savvy pupils to broaden their tech know-how and incorporate the same in their academic excellence. 

It gets even more essential to go for a school that has embraced technological advances considering the growing uncertainty over the role innovation will have in the future educational institutions. Eco-conscious schools will most definitely have an upper hand when technology finally becomes part of our everyday lives. 

Foreign Curricular and Modern Facilities won’t just be enough

Most of the international schools in Bangkok and elsewhere across Thailand today invest heavily in diverse learning resources. From state-of-the-art campuses, ultra-modern classrooms and highly-trained educators, they seemingly know that results will only arrive through proper investments. 

But in the future, even the foreign curricular and the holistic learning environments will amount to nothing if tech isn’t introduced. Basically, graduates getting out of the schools will not be considered  well-rounded and employable in the job market. And all that will have far-reaching consequences amongst schools still toying with the idea of embracing technology. 

Already, employers are lamenting a lack of creativity and proper understanding of the latest skills among new graduates. This is despite a 2011 finding published in the Psychology Today detailing that skills in arts and crafts a person learns increases their chances of being an innovator. This positive correlation also applies to the essence of choosing a tech-oriented school today. 

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