Why You Should Get A Hair Transplant In Thailand

  • Posted on: 3 September 2020
  • By: kentshouseadmin

A hair transplant in Thailand is a medical procedure whereby hair follicles are obtained from a donor site on a patient’s scalp. The harvested hair is then implanted where there is balding or thinning of hair. Often, the hair to be transplanted is taken from the back or sides of the head where thinning or balding is unlikely to occur. Sometimes, the hair can be obtained from the beard and chest in men, or eyelashes and eyebrows.

There are several methods of hair transplant procedures available and your doctor should be able to advice you on the best one to meet your desired expectations. If you are considering getting a solution for your balding or thinning hair, here is why you should get a hair transplant in Thailand. 

Natural hair regrowth

Once your implanted hair starts to regrow, the results are usually better than other methods that use synthetic hair. There is no scarring and no one can tell you had a hair transplant. Your surgeon will carefully place the grafts harvested from the donor site, creating a natural look. 

Improved self esteem

Anyone who goes in for a hair transplant is not happy with the way they look with a bald or thinning hair. They hate their general appearance and how balding is making them look way older than they actually are. A hair transplant procedure will fill in the baldness with the patient’s hair. This gives one a boost in their self-confidence making them happier. 

Minimally invasive

As the procedure is carried out, you are fully conscious but not in pain. The doctor administers anesthesia so you are not in pain. The recovery time is fairly short and the risk of complications are minimal.

Saves you money in the long-term

Most hair restoration procedures will end up being costly in the long-run. A hair transplant procedure in Thailand is a one off procedure that is not only cheaper but permanent. 


There are so many other benefits that come with undergoing a hair transplant procedure in Thailand. If you are concerned about your thinning or balding hair, kentshouse advices that you get in touch with a well-trained surgeon in Thailand to help you come up with a proper treatment plan. 

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