Teacher’s Application Tips for International Schools in Bangkok

  • Posted on: 15 January 2021
  • By: kentshouseadmin

If you’re looking to widen your knowledge of the eastern half of the world, teaching at an International School in Bangkok is the perfect way to do so. Working in a foreign country as diverse as Thailand can get you the exposure that you’ve been looking for.

The best part is, whether you’re used to a British, American, French, German, Canadian, or even Australian, you can find a job in the city. 

Before applying, however, there are a couple of things that you should keep in mind. International schools Bangkok only accept candidates who:
- Have a relevant degree
- Have a Post-Graduation Certificate of Education with teacher status (or equivalent)
- Have 2-3 years of experience
- A clean criminal record
- Suitable references from ex-employers

Besides these prerequisites, if you have experience teaching at a boarding school, have specialist teaching qualifications, or have English as a second language qualification, it would be considered a bonus.

Applying to an International School in Bangkok
Use the following tips to ensure that your application falls within institutional requirements and that you get shortlisted for the job:
1. Carefully peruse through your CV and cover letter. Ask other teaching experts to review it because often there are some errors that you don’t catch yourself but others might.
2. The formal way of submitting documents is in PDF files. This will help it look more professional and avoid the red lines that MS Word tends to underline unfamiliar words with.
3. Your letter of application should be addressed to the principal or headteacher
4. If you have references working in the school already, mention them. They can vouch for your skills.
5. First impressions make huge impacts so if you’re required to submit a photograph, ensure that it looks professional. You should be dressed formally in the photograph, with your face focused directly at the camera.
6. Research the schools you’re applying to as you might need the information during the interview stage.
7. Think and rethink whether moving to an entirely new and unfamiliar country is the best decision for you. You might want to take a short vacation to the city beforehand to be extra sure.

Moving to a new place to chase better prospects has been a human attitude since the beginning of time. An international school in Bangkok can grant you the exposure you need while enriching your life with a newfound cultural awakening. Please visit The American School of Bangkok(ASB).